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Case Study: Pizza Hut


VDX generates awareness and orders for Pizza Hut during seasonal and holiday promotional campaigns.

Case Study: BMW


BMW increased awareness and traffic for new model launch through full blend with OTT.

Case Study: generates high ROAS for a big box retailer with omnichannel approach


A big box retailer sought to increase brand share of voice and deliver target return on ad spend for an e-commerce product promotions campaign.

Case Study: Mazda


VDX content integration with Motor Trend delivers high engagement and increased vehicle awareness for Mazda.

Case Study: South African Tourism

Government, Travel

South African Tourism utilizes video-driven experiences to stay connected with community and remains top of mind for tourists during COVID-19 pandemic.

Case Study: drives significant visitation lift for tourism campaign


A U.S. city’s tourism board sought to increase tourism from out-of-state visitors and understand media impact on visitation.

Case Study: Distell-Savanna

Video-driven experiences generate notable engagement and qualified traffic for Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar initiative.

Case Study: Ocean Basket

Interactive video experiences drive strong brand awareness and dine-in consideration for Ocean Basket.

Case Study: Greenpeace

A bespoke creative solution delivers high impact for Greenpeace’s “Turtle Journey” campaign.