During the COVID-19 pandemic, South African Tourism wanted to foster a sense of community and provide citizens a sense of reassurance. To stay connected, the tourism agency leveraged hopeful and positive video messaging, targeted to South Africans.

The tourism agency also aimed to inspire future tourism amongst South Africans through a #ShareSouthAfrica travel program, which encouraged citizens to use the hashtag to share their personal experiences and adventures.


The MediaShop, South African Tourism’s media agency, partnered with VDX.tv to run a full video experience across desktop, mobile and instream over three months. The omnichannel approach enabled the campaign to reach as many people as possible.

The South African Tourism campaign featured two video assets: an inspirational Nelson Mandela video and an exciting tourism-centric video, both of which invited users to explore more in the creative unit. The canvas allowed customized messaging, such as “Watch Now” and “#ShareSouthAfrica” – to be promoted alongside the videos.

In an effort to support the local community, VDX.tv utilized its full network of local South African websites to reach the most relevant audiences, in turn driving revenue for local publishers in the tough times.

A CPV (Cost per View) pricing model guaranteed 100% viewability, ensuring the message was in view for a longer amount of time to create maximum impact.


South African Tourism’s video-driven campaign effectively reached citizens in a time of need, resulting in a successful campaign. Between May–July 2020, the campaign achieved:

VDX.tv has delivered not only a great solution and ad-product for the brief, but excellent service and value as well. Thank you to the whole team, we look forward to running more successful campaigns with VDX.tv!

– Herman Degener, Digital Media Strategist, The MediaShop