Hyundai Tucson was looking to drive awareness of their Runout Sales Event and highlight the various features of different Tucson models.

The agency of record, Hearts & Science, wanted to ensure the campaign aligned with what Hyundai represented – style, innovation and value.


Hyundai ran VDX units across Desktop, Mobile and In-Stream. The units brought video to the forefront to entice interested audiences, like auto intenders. Strategically selected features within the unit provided multiple opportunities to pique interest, educate, and lead consumers to Hyundai’s site.


Comparison Slider
A comparison slider highlighted the different features of the Tucson Active and Highlander.

Product Gallery
An interactive product gallery showcased the specifications of the seven different Hyundai models.

Call to Action
A CTA gave users the option to view and learn more about the offer on Hyundai’s website.

VDX.tv’s exclusive CPV (Cost Per View) pricing model guaranteed 100% viewability, ensuring the brand content and messaging was in view 5x-10x longer than the MRC standard for Display and 7.5x longer than the MRC standard for Video. Ultimately, this greater time in-view helped to create maximum impact for Hyundai.

The Hyundai campaign for the Runout Sales Event utilized Regional Geotargeting, layered with a Custom Audience Blend built using VDX.tv’s proprietary interest-based data, to identify and target in-market consumers who were most interested in the sale and most likely to engage with Hyundai’s VDX ad unit.