Bizum, a Spanish mobile payment solution that enables consumers to seamlessly and securely make transactions, was looking for innovative ways to drive usage of their new service for online purchases. With this campaign, Bizum desired to maximize audience reach across channels and educate consumers about the simplicity of the service setup process in a memorable way.

Bizum’s primary goal was to increase awareness around the campaign and thereby bring users to the website to activate the service.


To reach a broad audience with a consistent message, Bizum ran VDX multi-frame units across desktop, mobile and Connected TV (CTV). The CTV unit helped build mass awareness, while the desktop and mobile units provided consumers with an interactive experience to engage and learn more.

The primary tab within the desktop and mobile units enabled Bizum to highlight their key message through impactful video, and a secondary tab walked consumers through the simple setup process.

VDX.tv’s CPV (Cost per view) pricing model, certified by MOAT, guarantees 100% viewability (up to 10X longer than industry standards), to ensure the brand message is seen by the consumer and creates maximum impact.


Impactful Video with Customizable Canvas
Features key message with “Actívala” CTA

Additional Setup Details
Secondary tab features easy 3-step setup process

“The VDX formats not only achieved our viewability KPIs, but also exceeded our interaction KPI expectations by 2-3x. The VDX.tv team was proactive in campaign optimizations, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them.”

-LORENA POZ A DÍA Z, Marketing and Communication Department, Bizum