From computers, to mobile devices, to connected TVs, screens have become the primary mechanism for communicating and absorbing messages in the modern era.

This proliferation of digital screens has provided advertisers with the unprecedented opportunity to reach audiences with brand messaging wherever they are, and on whatever device they are on.

But going beyond the ability to reach consumers, is there a greater purpose that each screen can serve? Do different screens play distinct roles in communicating to people? If so, what are these roles and how can advertisers better leverage this to make meaningful connections with consumers? commissioned research firm MediaScience on a study to better understand how the synergy of video advertising across connected TV (CTV), desktop & mobile devices can drive brand outcomes.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • What impact video advertising across a combination of CTV, desktop and mobile devices has on ad effectiveness metrics like brand awareness, opinion, and purchase intent
  • How CTV, desktop and mobile screens can work together to activate each stage of the buying journey
  • Why marketers need to embrace the unique roles CTV, desktop and mobile screens play within their media strategies