Unilever wanted to run an innovative and creative video campaign to boost awareness around new deodorant fragrance, Axe Ice Chill.

The goal was to deliver a rich interactive experience that would provide both sensorial and educational product information.


Unilever and media agency PHD worked with VDX.tv to deliver multi-frame VDX units across desktop, mobile and instream, and target only the users most likely to be interested in the product. To generate greater awareness and reach new consumers, a suppression list was implemented against consumers who had already engaged with the unit.

A CPV (Cost per View) pricing model guaranteed 100% viewability, ensuring the brand message was in view for a longer amount of time to create maximum impact.


Comparison slider: Users were able to learn about product highlights and features by interacting with a slider within the unit

Gallery: Showcased different fragrances available, alongside short descriptions and individual CTA buttons