Telkom, Africa’s largest integrated communications company, sought to deliver an exciting marketing campaign to celebrate its 10th Mobile Birthday. In order to captivate users and cut through a cluttered and competitive space, the campaign required creative that was both innovative and impactful.


Telkom, along with media agency Wavemaker, partnered with VDX.tv because they were impressed with the versatility and uniqueness of VDX.tv’s video solution, which was customized using Telkom’s brand assets.

The VDX ad units, which were scaled across desktop and mobile, complemented Telkom’s video marketing strategy by offering valuable incremental reach. Furthermore, the video unit’s branded canvas and interactive tabs resulted in higher brand recall.

Upon user initiation, a full screen video played, then peeled back to reveal a customized canvas showcasing the 10th Mobile Birthday messaging. The “More Prizes” tab enabled consumers to scroll through various celebratory offerings. Lastly, a “Learn More” CTA was displayed, encouraging users to visit the Telkom website.

The campaign utilized regional geotargeting, layered with a custom audience blend built using VDX.tv’s proprietary interest-based data, to identify and target in-market consumers who were most likely to engage with Telkom’s ad unit.

VDX.tv’s exclusive CPV (Cost Per View) pricing model guaranteed 100% viewability, ensuring the brand content and messaging was in view 5x-10x longer than the MRC standard for Display and 7.5x longer than the MRC standard for Video.

“More Prizes” Interactive Offer Gallery

Users engaged by clicking through mobile and data offers, and even a celebratory prize drawing. A “Learn More” CTA was on every page, inviting users to explore further on Telkom’s website.

“VDX.tv really offered a solution that helped our campaign stand out in a time of immense clutter. The use of interactive video across 19 different ad units across mobile and desktop allowed our audience the opportunity to engage with the brand and attain knowledge of the different packages that were on offer in a way that drove them through to our desired webpage and assisted us in achieving our KPI’s. Thank you to the VDX.tv team for their support and service. We look forward to partnering with them again.”

  Shaun Frazao, Head of Digital & Content, Wavemaker South Africa