• VDX.tv has long been a trusted partner for a big box retail client. For an e-commerce product promotions campaign, the big box retailer tasked VDX.tv with increasing the brand’s share of voice in market and delivering a target return on ad spend (ROAS). The campaign focus was to reach both general market and Hispanic audiences.



  • VDX.tv ran the VDX (video-driven experiences) full video solution across all platforms, including CTV/OTT, to generate maximum impact for the brand.
  • The tailormade units leveraged existing video assets to draw attention and a customized canvas to deliver pertinent content to the consumer.
  • Multiple tabs within the unit featured timely and relevant dynamic messaging, like local weekly product promotions to ‘prep your pantry’, grocery pick-up and delivery options, coupons to incentivize purchases and a store locator, all aimed to lead consumers down the path to purchase.


  • CTV was added to the desktop and mobile experience to increase scale and ensure that relevant messaging was served at the household level.
  • To reach the right audience with English or Spanish language VDX units, custom audience blends were created utilizing a variety of proprietary interest-based shopping and behavioral topics to distinguish between the general market and Hispanic audiences.
  • In addition, Spanish-language site and browser targeting, overlaid with Hispanic demographic targeting, ensured Spanish creative was shown to relevant audiences.


  • VDX units were priced on a cost per view (CPV) model. The big box retail brand was guaranteed that their ad was in view, as measured by Moat, and that desired audiences were watching.


  • The omnichannel experience, in conjunction with the custom targeting, ultimately increased reach and exposure of the brand’s message, while driving a high return on ad spend among both general market and Hispanic audiences.
  • VDX.tv drove $8.4M+ in revenue post campaign. This not only proves the lasting and powerful impact VDX has on consumers, but also proves efficiencies with finding incremental shoppers that would not have otherwise been reached.