Plan International Canada, a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls, sought to raise awareness for their Gifts of Hope initiative and drive gift purchases (donations that would bring tangible goods and vital services to children and families abroad that need them most) during one of their largest revenue-driving campaigns of the year.


Plan International Canada and agency The Aber Group partnered with VDX.tv to test out the efficacy of video advertising to help drive donations for their annual Gifts of Hope campaign. Opt-in VDX ad formats were used to offer users a non-intrusive experience. Furthermore, a CPV (Cost per View) pricing model optimized towards and guaranteed 100% viewability, ensuring that the brand message was seen.


In order to showcase Plan International Canada’s colourful, quirky, educational video (produced by doug&partners) promoting the unique Gifts of Hope initiative, a tailormade VDX ad unit was built to amplify the video message across both desktop and mobile devices. Unlike traditional digital video executions, VDX seamlessly incorporated a strong and appealing “Shop Now” CTA directly into the video unit’s branded canvas to swiftly drive users to make a donation.


In order to reach new audiences and those users most likely to donate, the campaign employed proprietary interest-based audience targeting and custom channel targeting. Retargeting was used to activate the highest value supporters, when and where it mattered most.

Channel Targeting: Society & Culture, Home & Family, News & Media, Lifestyle Channels

Topic & Behavioural Targeting: Frequent Charity Donors, Charity & Non-profits, High Net worth Individuals, Politics & Society


Compared alongside other awareness partners, the VDX.tv campaign achieved not only the upper funnel benchmarks, but also drove lower funnel acquisitions more efficiently than the majority of partners selected for performance, proving the ability of VDX to be effective as a full-funnel solution.

Gifts of Hope, Plan International Canada’s ethical gift-giving program, is a robust and integrated campaign that launches annually over the winter holiday season. Since 2004, the annual campaign has reached millions around the world with life-changing gifts that give back. 

Gifts of Hope cannot be wrapped like regular gifts you buy at the store, but those that receive them can unwrap transformational possibilities with gifts from goats, school supplies, clean water access and essential health equipment, to entrepreneurial ventures for women and girls, and vitally-needed supplies in times of emergency.

Partnering with VDX.tv for the very first time, our aim was to prospect new and potential donors as well as retarget site visitors with an engaging suite of videos produced for the campaign. VDX.tv did just that by creating a unique and interactive ad unit that helped us exceed our KPIs and revenue objectives. Most importantly, with this successful partnership we were able to reach children, families and communities in need. We hope to collaborate on upcoming initiatives with the VDX.tv team soon to leverage their innovative and engaging creative platform.

-Nicki Lamont Cholfe, Senior Manager – Digital Marketing, Plan International Canada