Pizza Hut, one of the largest global pizza chains, wanted to drive awareness of their seasonal and holiday promotions. They looked to VDX.tv to ultimately increase revenue during their campaign bursts by driving online takeout and delivery orders.


As a way to generate awareness and engagement of the seasonal promotions in a short period of time, Pizza Hut utilized the full blend of VDX tailormade video-driven experiences with high impact video to draw in consumers. The unit also prominently featured the promotional offer and menu items to entice consumers to order pizza takeout or delivery.

The VDX units were priced on a Cost per View pricing model, which delivered highly qualified and guaranteed views. VDX.tv has a stringent viewability threshold which is 5x-10x higher than industry standards. Views were validated by MOAT, which ensured a fraud-free campaign.

VDX units were created in both English & the local language, while corresponding targeting was implemented to appeal to specific audiences and holidays.

In an effort to efficiently drive takeout and delivery pizza orders, VDX.tv applied their audience-efficient real-time optimization algorithm to target the most valuable users with the highest propensity to convert.


The full VDX blend with impactful video, interactive features and guaranteed viewability, was successful at driving awareness and orders for multiple Pizza Hut campaigns during the short promotional time periods. For one short burst seasonal campaign, VDX drove: