Ocean Basket, a casual sit-down seafood restaurant, has over 200 locations, predominantly in South Africa. Their goal was to drive brand awareness and increase brand recognition through value meal promotions which encouraged consumers to dine in or take out. Ocean Basket looked to VDX.tv to amplify their video assets across digital platforms and drive consumer engagement using an omnichannel approach.


Intimedia (Ocean Basket’s Media Agency) collaborated with VDX.tv to utilize VDX (tailormade video-driven experiences) units across desktop, mobile and instream with high impact video and multiple interactive features to draw in consumers. The units, which featured a compelling video along with interactive components such as menu options, were developed to entice customers to engage with the ads and visit the brand’s website. The campaign utilized VDX.tv’s exclusive interest-based audience data to reach the most relevant consumers through behavioural & contextual targeting. The VDX units were priced on a Cost per View (CPV) pricing model, which provided highly qualified and guaranteed views, with 100% viewability verified by Moat.


Through impactful video, interactive features and guaranteed viewability, VDX.tv successfully achieved the objectives of Ocean Basket’s promotional campaign. VDX.tv drove:

“As one of our preferred digital media partners, VDX.tv delivers on key attributes for a successful partnership. Starting with excellent service from the team, product innovation and unique creative platforms which our clients love, with the non-negotiable 3rd party tracking to ensure we achieve real results for our clients and their brands. It’s a pleasure partnering with VDX.tv.”

– Owen Williams, Co-Owner and Director, Intimedia, South Africa