What is VDX.tv and what does it deliver?

VDX.tv is a global advertising technology company that is transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences in today’s converging video landscape. We create video-driven experiences that integrate a brand’s TV and digital messages and empower marketers to captivate viewers, compel action, and convert awareness into response. We connect the dots between people, devices and households to deliver a more consistent, relevant, and meaningful brand experience across connected TVs and personal devices. Our multidimensional approach to household targeting provides visibility into the entire consumer journey, allowing brands to amplify their message and turn consumers into customers.

VDX.tv is a division of Exponential Interactive, Inc. Learn more at www.vdx.tv.

Did Exponential get acquired or acquire another company? Will Exponential and VDX.tv continue to be privately owned?

No, Exponential did not get acquired and we did not acquire another company. For the foreseeable future, we will stay privately owned. Because we are independent, we have the freedom to innovate and to practice what we preach. We believe in advertising that respects consumers, works for brands, and rewards media providers for great content.

Why did you launch VDX.tv and how does it differ from Exponential?

Many advertisers approach video as a solution limited to branding because video often lacks the scale to reach a substantial consumer base. We launched VDX.tv to deliver unprecedented reach to the most relevant consumers with dynamic, personalized video experiences across all devices that will compel more consumers to choose your brand.

Exponential has built a reputation for driving brand performance across a variety of formats. We launched VDX.tv to focus specifically on video-driven experiences, which have been proven to pique prospects’ attention more than other formats. Building upon Exponential’s experience in delivering scale, creative, and customer identification, we have created a differentiated video solution that drives real outcomes for advertisers by connecting upstream awareness to downstream ROI across Advanced TV and digital video.

What are your plans for releasing new products?

We are taking a vertical approach to product development, working closely with our partners to understand their challenges so we can build solutions that meet their specific needs.

Right now, we are focused on connecting the dots between people, devices, and households to help advertisers achieve greater scale by expanding reach to consumers’ phones, computers, or connected TVs. Additionally, we have bridged the gap between data and creative to create localized video-driven experiences that can be dynamically delivered across all screens using hyperlocal proximity targeting.

Why did you choose to add .tv to the name?

TV has multiple meanings. Traditionally, the term has been used to refer to a television set, a television program (“TV show”), or the medium of television transmission (moving images and sound). However, for us at VDX.tv, the term means more than that. TV is what separates us from the competition. We don’t just deliver video ads, we create (T)ailor-made (V)ideo-Driven Experiences that empower marketers to captivate viewers, compel consumer action, and convert brand awareness into response.

If I don’t have video budget, can I still work with you or are you now just a video partner? Will you still run standard display campaigns?

While VDX.tv is a video-first company, performance advertising is part of our DNA. We understand that our clients do not always have video assets available, and we are more than happy to run standard display banners. Regardless of the type of ad format delivered, our machine learning technology monitors consumer interests and intent in real-time and optimizes ad delivery to meet – and exceed – campaign goals.

Will the buying process remain the same? Will I have the same support team?

We will continue to deliver the high-achieving results expected as a managed services company, and the gold standard level of support you would expect from Exponential. Your current sales representative will remain your primary point of contact and your customer success team will handle every aspect of campaign management for you, from ad creation, to campaign optimization and reporting, with an additional enhanced emphasis on vertical-focused solutions and video shared learnings. As a division of Exponential, VDX.tv’s objective hasn’t changed – delivering the best in-market support that made Exponential a trusted partner for leading brands around the world for the past 20 years.