Why Corporate Values Matter, and Why We Chose Ours

Emmy Luong, Senior Director, People Success, VDX.tv

A lot goes into building a new business division. But as important as building your team, perfecting your marketing message, fine-tuning operational processes, or even developing your product is defining your core values.

We rolled out VDX.tv globally in March 2020, to transform the way brands connect with relevant audiences in today’s converging video landscape. As part of this process, we defined new core values–our company ethos. These values speak to why we do what we do, as well as how we expect employees to conduct themselves each day. Let’s take a quick look at why core values matter, and why we chose ours.

Why core values matter

Our core values serve as a solid, unifying foundation for VDX.tv across teams, offices and countries. They also help guide and align our decision-making and working behaviors around the world.

Holding a common set of values will help us adapt to the rapid pace of change and act as an organism that is fluid and responsive to the environment.

As we look towards the future, we are taking this opportunity to align ourselves to a core set of values and behaviors that support our vision of being a globally distributed company that helps brands connect with relevant consumers in meaningful ways.

How we defined ours

We started with our mission. VDX.tv helps brands connect with relevant consumers by providing innovative and effective advertising. Helping our clients achieve real results is important, but we also want them to enjoy working with us. We want to conduct ourselves ethically, with integrity, and create and nurture a workplace culture that attracts the industry’s most talented, and fun to work with people. These are the values that guide us.

Boldly Adapt and Innovate

To thrive in an ever-evolving industry, we adapt and reconfigure ourselves to respond to external changes and shifting market conditions. We also recognize that innovation applies to the way we work together, the tools we use to accomplish our work, and how we approach our customers, in addition to the solutions we develop.

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to globally adapt and innovate virtual ways to continue to train and develop our workforce remotely. We will continue to utilize a fluid and creative approach to all aspects of our business.

Enable Collaboration Beyond Boundaries

Fully aligned and connected through our systems, processes, open communications, and ways of working – we collaborate as a globally-distributed, remote-first workforce. With offices across the world, we have and will continue to work closely with each other across teams and time zones to achieve our shared objectives. We realize that when information, processes, and knowledge are communicated openly (whether that be through the company wiki, online learning courses, etc.), all employees, regardless of role, location, or function, are empowered to share their ideas and contribute to the success of the business.

Focus on the Customer

We understand the unique challenges that our clients face in reaching relevant consumers and growing their business. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality solutions that are catered specifically to the needs of our customers. Through both ordinary and extraordinary times, our founder and CEO, Dilip DaSilva, has been working directly alongside our creative, publishing, performance strategy and many other teams to develop video-driven solutions that enable brands and advertisers to effectively amplify their messaging and reach relevant audiences.

Do the Right Thing

We strive to do what is right with all our interactions—whether it is with co-workers, partners, or customers. Our commitment to being ethical, fair, and transparent is core to how we do business. We also believe in the power of advertising to create positive change in the world, which is why we launched a Global COVID-19 PSA Initiative – learn more here.

Help Each Other Grow

When we help each other grow, our organization becomes stronger and we all win. By proactively supporting the well-being of our colleagues, valuing diversity, demonstrating respect, curiosity and empathy, enabling a 360 feedback process, encouraging learning across departments, and holding each other accountable to the highest standards of excellence, we seek to provide an environment where people can not only grow, but thrive.


Our mission is to connect brands with relevant consumers through innovative and effective advertising solutions. As a company and as individuals, if we can embed these core values into the way we think and operate each day, we will not only be a better version of ourselves, but we will remain true to the vision and customer mission we set forth for VDX.tv.

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