How We Measure Digital Campaign Success With Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Team

As brands seek to more efficiently connect with consumers, understanding online campaign performance across different platforms has become essential to allocating advertising investment and avoiding waste. chose Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) as a comprehensive solution to measure digital audience demographics for its advertiser clients’ campaigns across computers and mobile devices in a way that is comparable to television audience measurement. Advertisers are assured of independent validation from a trusted industry leader that their brand messages have reached their intended target audience.

About Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

Digital Ad Ratings provides transparent and actionable audience measurement for digital advertising. It delivers reporting of a campaign’s reach, frequency, Gross Rating Points (GRPs), impressions and on-target percent across computers and mobile devices, by browser and in-app*.

What is measured?

Digital Ad Ratings provides audience demographic insights across computers and mobile devices.

  • Target Audience: Understand your on-target performance among your intended audience.
  • Demographics: Get a granular read on the age and gender demographics of your campaign.
  • Cross-Device Audience: Understand campaign metrics to see which devices & platforms are doing the best job at reaching your intended audience.
  • Geographical Information: Identify where impressions are being served across different countries.
  • Site/Placement: Break out metrics for specific ad placements within a publisher’s site as compared to the site total and the campaign total.
  • Trends: Explore standard audience metrics in trend form to see how audience builds over the life of the campaign.
Why Digital Ad Ratings?

Digital Ad Ratings will allow to provide valuable insights for performance and brand advertisers alike to deliver high-quality, actionable measurement and campaign optimisation opportunities.

  • Insightful: Valuable audience profile & geographical trend insights
  • Comparable: Gross Rating Points (GRPs) comparable to television audience measurement
  • Private and Secure: Nielsen data management adheres to high-level global privacy standards
  • Optimisable: Leverage next-day insights for in-flight campaign optimisation against agreed KPIs
  • Comprehensive: End of campaign reporting & metrics with a view of a campaign’s unique audience, reach, frequency, gross rating points (GRPs), and on-target percentage across digital platforms. Metrics are reported by demographic (age/gender), by device and platform.
How Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Work


  • Tag: applies Nielsen tag to available media for campaign measurement.
  • Count: Nielsen server collects available impressions for measurement.
  • Match: Nielsen pairs impressions with demographic information using third-party consumer data sets.
  • Calibrate: Data is adjusted against Nielsen panels and surveys final audience measurement.
  • Report: Next-day campaign data delivery.

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