How Can My Video Advertising Dazzle This Holiday Season?

Iris Espiritu, Senior Content Marketing Manager,

The holidays are synonymous with gifting. What do we crave? A unique gift, one with a special, personalized touch. At, we believe that this same panache and personalization can be conveyed through video to dazzle holiday shoppers. Below are a few tips on how your video ad units can deliver that special touch this holiday season with VDX – our gift to you.


Customizable Canvas

Compel  your consumer base with complementary, enticing holiday messaging on a branded canvas that will set you apart from the competition. Leveraging a strong call to action coupled with copy within your video unit will prompt users to take action and drive them to your site.

Featured Product Galleries & Gift Guides

Showcase your latest product offerings by creating an inspiring product gallery that the consumer can browse with the option to “Shop Now” for each product. Additional tabs are also a great resource to feature gift guides (‘For Him’, ‘For Her’, ‘Stocking Stuffers’, etc.) as well as benefits tied to the products.

Content Amplification

Educate  your consumer base and give shoppers that extra boost. Product reviews or customer testimonials from trusted editorial partners in your video ad unit will give shoppers extra confidence in their holiday purchases.

Special Promotions

Are your customers looking for a  bargain? You can catch the eye of your target shopper by highlighting special promotions or quick shipping options that offer ease and convenience.

Location Features

Shopping is about convenience and with our location features, such as a map, you can drive in-store holiday traffic or curbside pick-up by showing the locations nearest to your customer.

Countdown Clock

Have a promo offer that’s only a limited time? Have the latest and greatest product coming out? Build excitement and  anticipation by counting down the minutes until your special promotion ends or when your new product releases.


Want to know more? Contact us to learn how can work with you on your holiday campaigns and make meaningful connections with shoppers through video-driven experiences.

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