4 Key Sports Fan Personas That Brands Should Know

VDX.tv Team

With a limited ability to attend live events and gather indoors over the past year, sports enthusiasts have had to adjust the ways in which they enjoy sporting events. Living rooms have replaced parking lots as the primary venue for tailgating, while viewing the game at the bar has pivoted to gathering around the big screen at home. The upcoming Super Bowl LV and international sporting events like the UEFA Cup are no exception, with many sports fans planning to celebrate game day from the comfort (and safety) of the domestic sphere.

Advertisers can stay relevant and build a new kind of momentum with live sports fans by understanding the interests and purchasing behaviors of 4 key personas – all of whom plan to enjoy the game from the comforts of the couch. Below we walk through the personas you need to know, and how best to reach them with your advertising campaigns.

The Party Planner

Everyone’s got a friend like this – enjoys hosting, loves to take charge and has a mean eye for detail, coupled with unparalleled organization skills

  • Online Interests: Cleaning & Supplies, Home Entertainment, Occasions, Party Planning & Supplies, Meal Courses, Home Décor, Housewares, Family Activities, Games & Crafts, Calendars & Organizers
  • Purchasing Behaviors: Online Grocery Buyers, Home Décor Buyers, Frequent Cleaning Supply Buyers

Advertising Tip: A lengthy to-do list means that the Party Planner appreciates anything that makes his or her job easier. Advertisers can incorporate 3rd party product reviews directly alongside video creative to help this persona come to a quicker purchase decision. 

The Home Chef

A cooking enthusiast who appreciates quality, creativity and the care that goes into a home-cooked meal

  • Online Interests: BBQ Grills, Large & Small Kitchen Appliances, Knives, Pots & Pans, Cookbooks & Recipes, Meal Courses, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Cheese
  • Purchasing Behaviors: Online Grocery Buyers, Frequent Grocery Buyers, Gourmet Grocery Buyers, Meat & Poultry Purchasers, BBQ Supply Purchasers

Advertising Tip: The Home Chef is always on the lookout for the next best dish to prepare. CPG advertisers can provide cooking inspiration to the Home Chef by including a recipe gallery directly into the video ad unit, which the user can browse on their own terms.

The Delivery Dependent

This person can always count on UberEats, DoorDash or another service to come through for their dining needs

  • Online Interest: American Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Pizza Cuisine, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Living Room Furniture, Sofas, Video Games, Streaming Services
  • Purchasing Behaviors: Frequent Food Delivery Purchasers, Frequent Meal Delivery Purchasers, Frequent Delivery & Take-Out Online Orders

Advertising Tip: While the Delivery Dependent has no shortage of dining options, QSR and restaurant advertisers can stand out from the competition and drive orders by displaying a special menu offer + “Order Now” CTA directly alongside mouth-watering video creative.

The Home Bar Aficionado 

Defined by a refined palate for all things liquor, with the mixing skills to match

  • Online Interest: Living Room Furniture, Home Bars, Ice Buckets, Glassware, Wine Racks, Wine & Beer Fridges, Cocktail Recipes, Mixers, Alcohol, Liquor, Beer, Wine, Cheese, Meats, Snacks
  • Purchasing Behaviors: Quality Over Price Alcohol Shoppers, High Spenders On Alcohol, Spirit Purchasers, Wine Purchasers

Advertising Tip: Much like the liquor they enjoy, Home Bar Aficionados appreciate a quality experience. Advertisers for alcohol brands should take advantage of video’s ability to showcase premium product features alongside the sensorial experience that comes with enjoying the spirit. Add a product gallery directly into the video ad unit so that users can learn about new offerings. 

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