Toyota Motor Corporation wanted to spread awareness about the new Fortuner car model. The automaker was looking to refresh the interest of auto enthusiasts, brand loyalists and in-market auto intenders, by educating them on the latest Fortuner model, including new safety and luxury features.


The VDX ad format, delivered across desktop, mobile and in-stream, was the perfect canvas to scale Toyota’s video messaging and complement the brand’s existing digital strategy.

Given that the purpose of the campaign was to raise consumer interest in the new Fortuner model, education and interactivity were critical. Multiple tabs within the video-driven ad format showcased different highlights of the Fortuner model and enabled the user to explore information in a digestible and easy manner.

The video tab reinforced Toyota’s brand credibility as a trusted auto manufacturer, inviting auto prospects to “See Details”.

The campaign was priced on a CPV (cost per view) model, guaranteeing 100% viewability across premium content inventory, which ensured maximum brand impact.


Piqued Auto Intender Interest with High Impact Video and Customizable Canvas
The initial frame drew auto intenders in with impactful video on a customizable canvas that enabled Toyota to highlight additional benefits of the Fortuner, display inspiring imagery, and incorporate a strong call to action.

Inspired Auto Intenders with Colours Selector Tab
The “Colours” tab allowed users to choose their car colour configuration, bringing the Fortuner to life at their fingertips.
An “Enquire Now” CTA on this tab garnered a 1.71% CTR, giving users the option to explore more about the model on the Toyota website.

Highlighted Fortuner Features with an Interactive Gallery
The “Highlights” tab showcased detailed features of the new model. This tab saw the highest interaction from users, who expressed great interest in learning more about the Fortuner.
A “Buy Now” CTA on this tab garnered a 0.3% CTR, drawing users down the path to purchase directly from the video unit.


“We utilized VDX.tv in order to launch the Toyota Fortuner in an innovative and impactful way. This solution offered us an innovative video solution that delivered on our KPI’s and successfully reached our targeted audience giving us a video solution that would allow our target audience the opportunity to engage and interact in a way that resulted in a very successful campaign. We look forward to working with VDX.tv in the future.”

– Langelihle Sithole, Head Of Digital Media, FCB