• A large U.S. city’s tourism board sought to increase tourism from out-of-state visitors in the summer months, which have historically garnered the lowest visitation numbers for the city.

• The tourism board also desired a deeper understanding of their media’s impact on actual visitation, which is notably difficult for tourism advertisers to track.



• VDX.tv built a tailormade suite of high impact VDX (video-driven experiences) units across desktop, mobile and in-stream.

• The ad unit highlighted the city’s top tourist hot spots, showcased reasons to visit in the summer months, and provided tips that would resonate with travel intenders. Custom features included an “Official Visitor’s Guide” and “Upcoming Events” tabs to entice users to engage with the destination. A “Create Itinerary” CTA drove users to the tourism board’s website to take action.


• To efficiently reach out-of-state travel intenders, a custom city audience blend was created utilizing a variety of proprietary interest-based travel and behavioral topics, such as…


• VDX.tv partnered with location-based data company, Cuebiq, to run a footfall attribution study. The study provided post-campaign intelligence to help the tourism board gain a stronger understanding of their media’s impact on actual summer visitation. Cuebiq collects location-based data by partnering with over 100 apps via an SDK integration.


VDX.tv’s engaging and impactful video units were effective at increasing tourism during the summer months.