VDX.tv conducted a study with global online market research firm, Dynata, to understand how exposure to VDX ad formats affected brand awareness and consideration for the Purple® Mattress.


In this study, 227 consumers naturally exposed to the Purple® Mattress ad campaign were later invited to complete a survey about their perception of the brand. Demographic and behavioral characteristics of this exposed group defined recruitment of a control group that was not exposed to the ad campaign. Campaign effectiveness was calculated by comparing survey responses from the exposed group to the control group.

The VDX ad unit, which was served as a blend across mobile, desktop and CTV included:

  • Product information on Purple’s advanced mattress technology to generate awareness around product differentiators
  • Interactive map to drive consumers in-store to the closest mattress retailer location to test out a Purple® Mattress


The study showed that the Purple® Mattress ad campaign utilizing VDX ad units across mobile, desktop and CTV not only met upper funnel brand objectives, but also positively impacted lower funnel goals. Brand awareness, ad awareness, brand favorability, and purchase intent all saw significant lift.

“At Purple, we know our direct response spend creates a positive impact on our brand perception, and our branded spend is held to a high direct response performance expectation. VDX.tv supports this by using an integrated digital video strategy, inclusive of CTV, allowing us to connect with the right audiences and leave a lasting positive impression.”

– Joshua Park, Senior Marketing Manager, Paid Search and Display at Purple