Jägermeister is a German alcohol brand known globally for its unique flavour profile. The brand was looking for a new way to showcase the latest “Be the Meister” TV commercial and also drive consumers to their website to view their Jägermeister cocktails and Jägermeister online apparel sales. Jägermeister and their media agency, Intimedia, partnered with VDX.tv because of its unique ability to engage with Jägermeister’s audience through customized and interactive video experiences.


Driving awareness through multiple interactive tabs

The campaign ‘Be the Meister’ launched by Jägermeister was created to reach a community of brand enthusiasts, defined through profiles such as Passion, Authenticity, Krafters, Shot Takers that Meisters either aspire to be or identify themselves as.

In order to reach and expand the Meister community, a video-driven campaign was delivered across desktop, mobile, and instream. The use of the VDX multi tab unit provided additional opportunities for consumers to interact and deepen their relationship with the brand. The first tab, “Fashion Meister,” featured an interactive product gallery split by apparel category. Users could navigate the different merchandise options and a CTA brought them directly to the Meister Market e-commerce platform. In the second tab, “Cocktail Meister”, “hot spots” were placed that, once clicked, triggered specific tips for creating the perfect cocktail. Additionally, a CTA invited users to click and go to the website to discover more.

“Fashion Meister” Product Gallery Tab
Interactive product gallery organized by apparel category

“Cocktail Meister” Hot Spot tab
Specific tips about how to create the
perfect cocktail

“As a consultancy we believe digital platforms are being underutilized by brands to drive brand growth and brand awareness. We understand the benefits of driving performance, but platforms like VDX.tv with their unique creative ad units delivered on custom and more stringent viewability thresholds verified by MOAT, allow us to deliver on reach, views, engagement and most importantly, attention! Thanks to the VDX.tv team for helping us deliver results for our client Jägermeister.”

– Owen Williams, Director, Intimedia