Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a division of Colgate-Palmolive (Pty) Ltd, manufactures specialized premium pet food for dogs and cats under its well-recognized Science Plan brand. The brand was looking for a new and innovative way to promote and generate interest for its pet food products. The ultimate objective was to raise consumer awareness and educate pet parents about the benefits of Hill’s pet food via an interactive and engaging video-driven experience.


Driving awareness through multiple interactive tabs

The Hill’s company philosophy of caring for pets is reflected in their high quality, biology-based cat and dog foods. As part of the brand’s upper funnel strategy, Hill’s sought a video solution that could both showcase the uniqueness of the brand and raise awareness of multiple products in just one creative unit. Hill’s media agency partner, Wavemaker Global, collaborated with VDX.tv to leverage VDX ad formats, which provided the high impact and versatile canvas that the brand desired.

The desktop, in-stream and mobile ad formats integrated not only emotional, eye-catching video, but also a customizable canvas and two interactive tabs. The “What’s New” tab was utilized to showcase the differentiators that set Hill’s apart: their nutritional food and corporate USPs. The second tab, “Our Products”, contained a scrollable gallery of foods to purchase through a “Buy Online” call-to-action.

“What’s New” Tab
Showcased Hill’s biology-based nutrition

“Our Products” Tab
Scrollable gallery of foods to
purchase through a CTA

Hill’s Pet Nutrition was impressed with the VDX ad unit’s unique layout because it enabled a significant amount of important content to be included in one unit, across multiple sizes.

This initiative was priced on a cost-per-view (CPV), which guaranteed that the video was in-view for 5-10x longer than MRC standards.

“We’re very happy with how this campaign performed. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a professional team!”

– Michelle Bailey, Digital Marketing Manager, Hill’s Pet Nutrition