A government’s transport organisation program aimed to drive awareness and educate citizens in three specific regions about local road and rail disruptions anticipated in the coming months.

VDX.tv was brought on to complement the organisation’s existing linear television campaign, by amplifying video messaging across desktop, mobile and instream.



  • Tailormade video units were created to dynamically serve specific messaging based on audience geographic location.
  • Local, relevant information was shown to educate and notify users of construction and closures in their area.
  • >A call to action enabled users to explore more information, such as public transportation information.


  • In order to achieve maximum reach across all regions while avoiding oversaturation, VDX.tv employed its reach maximisation technology paired with postcode targeting. This ensured minimal frequency, with an ad being served to every qualified person in the region before additional ads were served.


The combination of video and geo-specific educational content resulted in a highly successful campaign.