A leading global CPG brand sought to raise awareness for a new product line and generate interest in new flavors and recipes by reaching relevant audiences beyond the scope of their YouTube and social campaigns.


VDX.tv employed an omnichannel, tailormade video-driven experience across digital platforms to drive consumer engagement. VDX.tv’s proprietary targeting enabled the client to reach additional, unique users across desktop, mobile and instream, and amplify video assets to new audiences.


  • The VDX units, created in both English and the local language, were run in multiple geographies.
  • The sensory stimulating video of food preparation using the brand’s product enticed consumers to interact more with the unit, while the interactive tabs within the unit provided a canvas to showcase a scrollable list of recipes.
  • A “Click Here” call-to-action took users to the brand’s website, enabling them to continue browsing recipes and explore more flavors.

Setup & Targeting

The units were priced on a cost-per-view (CPV) pricing metric and various types of targeting from VDX.tv’s proprietary data were implemented to reach relevant audiences.


The CPG brand was extremely satisfied with the results generated by the VDX units. All campaign metrics reflected successful results surpassing benchmarks.