Cadbury, the multinational confectionery company owned by Mondelez International, desired to increase brand consideration during the Easter season with a “Hide Them with Love” campaign, centered around helping consumers plan an Easter egg hunt. The brand worked with media agency Starcom (part of Publicis) and VDX.tv on video driven-experiences to amplify the campaign creative messaging and connect with relevant audiences in a playful, memorable way.


The VDX multi-frame and expandable ad units were a perfect fit for the Cadbury campaign because they expertly combined creativity and interactivity to deliver a highly impactful video experience.

The branded ad canvas with the video teaser in the first tab attracted the user’s attention, while additional tabs were leveraged to engage viewers and prompt them to learn more about the variety of Cadbury Easter treats.

“Eggsperience” Tab
Continuing the video story of planning an Easter egg hunt, users clicked on Hot Spots placed on each of the Cadbury Easter Treats to learn where to hide eggs, while exploring the chocolate selections. A “Play Game” CTA brought users to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page.

“Easter Range” Tab
This canvas featured a click- through gallery for seven of the Cadbury Easter treats, detailing delicious product features for each. This highly interactive tab increased user interest and the “See More” CTA brought users to Cadbury’s website.

The campaign was designed to target Cadbury’s most relevant audiences, selected through our interest-based targeting capabilities. The campaign scaled a consistent video experience across desktop and mobile, through in-page, in-stream and in-read placements.

To ensure the 100% viewability of the ad units, our partnership with MOAT certifies and guarantees that VDX.tv’s units are in-view up to 10X longer than the MRC standards, maximizing brand impact.

“The VDX placement allowed us to run an interactive, rich media format which was seamlessly executed and drove our primary and secondary campaign objectives”

-Alexandra Spagnoletti, Digital lead at Starcom