How We’re Celebrating Mother’s Day in Uncertain Times

Iris Espiritu, Senior Content Marketing Manager,

The modern Mother’s Day we have come to know, first observed in the U.S. in 1908, is now a holiday celebrated by many countries across the world. Though 2020’s holiday may look different from years prior due to the challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, consumers won’t be deterred from honoring Mom and the women in their lives this year. According to the National Retail Federation, an optimistic 46% of consumer respondents surveyed said that they still want to plan a traditional special outing, brunch or other activity this Mother’s Day.

We asked a few of our team members to relate their favorite ways to celebrate the holiday, and describe how their plans are shaping up to look during a time when seeing Mom in person may not be possible. Read on below!


Do you have any special Mother’s Day traditions?  

I usually always see my mom in person and make a special meal. The most important part is spending time together and connecting!” – Rob McGuinness, Senior Account Manager, Emeryville

Every year we bake a cake at home and have our Mom do the cake cutting. We order her favorite food at home, pani puri and other street foods, and try to make sure she is relaxing and getting special treatment.” – Anuj Nayyar, Senior Director, Global Operations, Noida

“The night before Mother’s Day, my husband takes over full duties of bedtime for the kids and I get to sleep in the next morning. We typically have a huge Mother’s Day picnic with all of my favorite things, along with some type of outdoor activity if the weather permits. Usually a hike exploring a new place.” – Danielle Glickman, Director of Sales, New York

I grew up on the water, and near our home there’s a large lobster farm and fish market. Now my mom loves lobster, and any kind of sea food—and she’s the reason why I love it as well—so each year we would make sure to do a lobster bake and seafood feast at the house. We’d get six or more lobsters, heat them up and lay them out on the table with whatever seafood we’d pick up that day. ” – Sean Strommer, Senior Creative Solutions Manager, New York

Since my mother and I live in different states, I try and meet her on Mother’s Day. My sister and I used to take her to Mussoorie to her favorite food joint.” – Deepak Verma, Senior Director, Customer Success, Noida

“In Spain we have a special lunch with the family.” – Marcial Gómez, Group Agency Director, Madrid


What kind of gift do you prefer to give (or receive) on Mother’s Day: homemade, purchased or experiential?

“As a working mom, experiential gifts are always my favorite, but I also love receiving homemade cards from the kids.” -Danielle

“It’s always a combination of homemade and purchased. We would cook something for her at home and we would also purchase her sarees, accessories, her favorite tea or some plants.” – Deepak

Homemade is ideal.  Something from the heart that shows the time and energy put towards the gift.” – Rob

When I was young (and broke), I would make my mom these corny little macaroni picture frames. I did this for a few years and each time she opened it she loved it. Lately, though, I’ve been giving her gifts that are more experiential: spa or beauty treatments that she can pamper herself with. She deserves it after all those years putting up with me.” – Sean

“I would say it depends – sometimes we gift her clothing or a hand bag with flowers and sometimes we go out for a family diner and celebrate the day there.” – Anuj


What’s the most important factor to you when picking out a Mother’s Day gift?

Something that is thoughtful that I know she will use and keep. Look into living plants and succulents she can maintain.” –Rob

“Giving a gift that really is a gift. Something that the person would not spend money on for themselves but certainly deserve.” –Danielle

We make sure it is bringing a smile to her face in whatever little thing we try to do, whether that be flowers, cake, dinner or clothing.” – Anuj

“I would pick something I am sure she likes, that caters to her tastes.“ – Marcial


How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

“This year will be a Mother’s Day sponsored by Zoom/FaceTime for both me and my wife. Since the pandemic, that’s been the main source of communication for both my family and my in-laws. So I’m sure I’ll spend some time with both parents and a virtual call, catching up and planning on getting together when this subsides.” – Sean

“This year I am celebrating Mother’s Day with my daughter Emma (8) and son Miles (6), quarantine style. Movies, cuddling my little ones, a cheese plate and wine.” – Danielle

“I live with my mother, so we will bake a cake again and make some dishes of her choice, dosa and idli sambar, and celebrate the day as a family.” – Anuj

“Zoom call this year with entire family. Play family fun trivia over shared screens.” – Rob

“Me and my wife are stuck in the house far away from our mothers (mother-in-law as well now). So, we have decided to connect with them virtually to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. Social distancing will certainly be a damper to the celebrations this time, though.” – Deepak

“This year, as we’re staying at home, I will send her gifts by courier and some video greetings.” – Marcial


The team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Mother’s Day this year!

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