VDX.tv partners with Urban Science to help auto marketers drive & measure dealership traffic

Lucinda Goucher, Product Director, VDX.tv

For marketers in the automotive industry, aligning dealership performance with metrics of success can prove to be one of the biggest challenges. In order to provide VDX.tv’s auto advertising and marketing clients with the best solutions to solve their challenges, we’ve collaborated with Urban Science, a company with over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. Read on for more details and to learn how this collaboration can help drive your automotive marketing efforts. (*Note: this offering is currently only available in the U.S.)

Who is Urban Science?

Urban Science originated as a data science company to inform original equipment manufacturer (OEM) dealership locations. In their current capacity, they help OEMs manage dealership locations, measure performance, improve profitability and drive qualified traffic to dealerships.

Through their close relationship with OEMs, Urban Science has access to industry-wide data, including automotive sales* data. Urban Science captures over 99% of new vehicle and lease sales in the U.S. in the form of a daily feed from OEMs, which they are then able to match in a privacy compliant manner to households through Acxiom to create targetable segments and provide measurement solutions.

How do Urban Science and VDX.tv work together?

Urban Science aggregates all the data received from OEMs and creates standard segments of new and lease vehicle purchasers. These segments are then passed to VDX.tv through our LiveRamp integration, so that we can provide our advertising partners with solutions for both targeting and measurement.

What are some examples of targeting solutions that are available through VDX.tv’s collaboration with Urban Science? 

    • Standard data segments, for example:
      • Luxury Car In-Market Intender
      • Non Luxury Car In-Market Intender
      • Luxury SUV/CUV In-Market Intender
      • Non Luxury Truck In-Market Intender
    • Custom data segments, for example:
      • Loyalists: households where the last purchase was your automotive brand and that have not purchased within the last X months
      • Competitive segment: households where the last purchase was your brand’s competition and have not purchased within the last X months. Requires at least 3 brands for a competitive set.
      • Criteria Options: Brand(s), Model(s), Segments(s), Months Since Last Purchase, Number of Purchases, Geography
    • Audience suppression
      • We can exclude standard or custom segments in campaigns.

What kind of measurement solutions are available through VDX.tv’s collaboration with Urban Science?

Based on raw data received from Urban Science, VDX.tv can provide advertisers with reporting and insight into the following:

  • Users who were exposed to VDX.tv ads who consequently purchased a new car from your brand (or a competitive brand)
  • Total exposed, on-brand sales, model sales and competitive off-brand sales

For more information on how VDX.tv’s collaboration with Urban Science can help boost your automotive marketing efforts, contact us here.

*The term “sales” refers throughout to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

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