A Letter From Our CEO Regarding COVID-19

Dilip DaSilva, CEO & Founder, VDX.tv

To our Valued Partners and Clients:

While communities worldwide address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that at VDX.tv, the health and safety of our employees, partners, and clients remain our top priority. As you work through your own continuity plans, we want to assure you that VDX.tv continues to be dedicated to meeting your needs in a secure and reliable manner.

VDX.tv remains operational and continues to be a trusted partner to you, ensuring that your campaigns and projects are unaffected during this time. Any changes that may affect VDX.tv’s ability to meet your needs will be promptly communicated to you. We’ve always been remote capable with tools that allow us to offer the same first-rate services to you remotely. As such, your account managers and sales representatives are available by email, mobile, and video calls at your request. For our clients, your sales leads or account managers are here to address any questions or concerns.

As for our employees, we’ve implemented this remote work policy and will continue to monitor the CDC and WHO websites regularly to implement and communicate any necessary changes.

As we’re all experiencing these uncertainties together, we’re dedicated to being a reliable and agile resource for our partners, clients, and employees.

To help provide clarity around some of the questions we’ve received, responses to FAQs have been included below:

How have advertisers begun to shift their strategies/tactics as a result of COVID-19? 

We are seeing brands respond differently to the rapidly changing consumer environment. Some brands have been quick to pause all spending as consumer activity has dropped, as a result of people staying at home. Other brands have been quick to change their positioning to show that they are there for their consumers and their communities during these challenging times, and will continue to be there for them after the crisis. With brands who have chosen to keep their advertising on, we are starting to see a shift in brand messaging towards a message of care, stability, resourcefulness, and emphasizing the long-term view.

We are monitoring not only our portfolio of clients, but also the vertical landscape overall. In 2019, VDX.tv pivoted our Customer Service teams to be aligned with verticals as opposed to regions. Vertical teams meet daily to discuss observations and trends; we have greatly benefitted from this approach as we are seeing many commonalities across brands within a vertical.

How should we be adjusting our advertising spend?

Increased spending doesn’t necessarily make sense for every brand at this moment but could be the best strategic move for many, provided the messaging is sensitive and appropriate. We have seen this proven in many studies which demonstrate that maintaining or increasing spending during economic downtimes has allowed brands to grow sales and market share during a recession and after the economy recovers (read more here). For many businesses, this is an opportunity to capture attention and market share as their competitors are reflexively pulling back on advertising. Maintaining a strong presence allows brands to take advantage of the reduced competitive noise, stay top of mind with consumers, and even project strength and stability in an otherwise chaotic time.

Should we have our messaging run alongside COVID-19 content / can we block that content?

Some brands are averse to have their advertising run alongside news content, as the COVID-19 topic is prevalent and may be looked at as negative. In normal times it makes sense for brands to avoid controversial topics; however, these are not normal times, and we feel it is important for brands to co-exist with this content in a sensitive, and respectful way.

We do not recommend blocking COVID-19 content at this time (nor can we block this specific keyword), but we do recommend updating messaging if possible to ensure alignment with consumer sentiment during the current climate.

How do I contact my AE or Sales Representative?

As you usually would! Our sellers are eager to hear from their clients either via email, mobile phone or video chat.

Is anything else changing at VDX.tv as a result of COVID-19?

No, we continue business as usual – just from the comfort of our homes as we too practice social distancing.

Despite the circumstances, we’re comforted to see the collective efforts of individuals and companies alike to address and overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. VDX.tv will soon update you on our plan to slow the spread of the virus. Please stay tuned for more details!

Stay healthy and stay safe,

Dilip DaSilva


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