The Why Behind The What: The makings of (Part 1)

Danielle Cravatt, SVP, Client Partnerships,

On October 30th we announced the launch of, a global advertising technology company that transforms the way brands connect more meaningfully with audiences. We are thrilled to share this news with our clients, partners, and readers. We created to deliver turnkey, tailormade video experiences cross-channel and help advertisers captivate new viewers, compel consumers action, and convert prospects into customers. We think our solutions are unlike anything else on the market. Clients deserve video that delivers a meaningful connection with consumers, and will serve as the first to combine more poignant video messaging and scale to get more customers to know, love and buy your brand.

With that said, new business launches can be confusing. Our clients and partners have questions about our new company name, our expanded offerings, and if we can still provide the “old” services they have come to rely on to build their brands. Here is the low-down, the first of a two-part series, on why we have launched

What is and what will happen to Exponential?

Exponential Interactive launched new division to provide laser-focus on video-driven experiences. Exponential will remain the parent company, but in the U.S., is the new face at the forefront of our 20 years of partnership success. We strive to more precisely meet our clients’ needs for industry-advanced, video-first solutions. We truly believe that VDX delivers better video-driven experiences and we are committed to educating the market about the advancements that will help advertisers achieve deeper connections with consumers.

Exponential still operates in 15 countries worldwide. Thus far, we have only launched in the United States.

What makes different from Exponential?

Let’s start with what is the same. Our commitment to service is not changing. You will get the same level of support that has made Exponential a trusted partner of leading brands for 20 years and counting. Exponential has built a reputation for driving brand performance across a variety of formats and channels. Through multiple creative iterations and intensive testing, we learned that video combined with consumer personalized messaging generates a far greater impact and resonates more effectively when amplified across screens.

We launched to focus specifically on video-driven experiences that have been proven to pique prospects’ attention more than any other formats. By building upon Exponential’s experience delivering scale, creative, and customer identification, we have created a differentiated video solution that drives real outcomes for advertisers by connecting upstream awareness to downstream ROI across OTT and digital video.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the makings of!

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