Partner Perspectives: Tru Optik Team partners with Tru Optik to bring advertisers in-campaign measurement of reach, frequency and targeting precision for OTT/CTV campaigns. Learn more about Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, in the Q&A below.

Can you give our readers a brief overview of what Tru Optik does? 

Tru Optik identity resolution powers the streaming media advertising ecosystem. Tru Optik’s patented Household Graph™ of more than 80 million U.S. homes enables the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies and platforms to engage consumers across connected media, including connected TV (CTV), streaming audio and cloud-based gaming with unmatched scale, accuracy and privacy compliance.

The Tru Optik Household Graph powers our Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) solution. CAV is purpose-built to address the unique challenges of over-the-top (OTT) campaign measurement and arms advertisers with accurate, actionable objective insight into OTT campaign reach, frequency, device delivery and targeting efficacy.

Why are more brands and marketers shifting ad spend towards OTT, and what are some of the unique challenges they face when measuring OTT campaigns?

The global pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase in streaming media consumption, particularly across OTT and streaming audio. As a result, advertisers and marketers shifted ad dollars to OTT and connected devices away from traditional linear and other digital channels – a trend that is expected to continue.

However, OTT campaign measurement is broken. Many solutions are repurposed from linear TV or legacy digital, that are twisted and contorted to fit OTT. Others only capture activity on certain brands of connected TVs or specific OTT apps. Some are offered by device manufacturers, content distributors or others with a stake in the outcome.

These solutions are at best incomplete and potentially biased; often, they are inaccurate. This is why has worked with Tru Optik – to provide its clients and partners more clear OTT campaign insight leveraging CAV.

How does Tru Optik’s CAV solution help marketers address these challenges and realize new opportunities?

Internal Tru Optik research has indicated that demo-based CTV targeting is leveraged in only 1-of-5 targeted campaigns. Therefore, in-target validation needs to align with the advanced audience characteristics advertisers covet. Using Tru Optik’s Cross-Screen Audience Validation, advertisers can validate delivery against popular behavior and interest-based OTT audience targets covering key areas such as in-market auto, shopping behavior, media & entertainment preferences and more. CAV also validates demographic targets across multiple dimensions including age, income, ethnicity and presence of children. CAV InTarget validation is powered by the industry’s most trusted data providers including TransUnion and iHS Markit.

What qualities does Tru Optik value in a collaboration?

Tru Optik collaborates with future-looking companies interested in leveraging data and insights to provide more value across the media and advertising ecosystem. Our partners understand that media consumption is happening increasingly on streaming and connected devices and that it is in their best interest to invest in solutions that will help them maximize outcomes and clearly demonstrate ROAS.

Are there any mottos that drive your work at Tru Optik?

Our internal motto, “Lead the Way, Never Settle” is emblazoned on a wall in our office to remind us of our history of being the first in many ways and our refusal to settle for anything than the best level of service and support for our clients and partners.


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