How Does Ensure Brand Safety in Today’s Digital Environment?

Tim Sleath, VP, Product Management,

Brand safety is a top priority for us at and we are committed to providing advertisers with impactful video-driven solutions that not only garner real results, but also ensure that ads are served in brand-safe, fraud-free environments.

With the recent boycott of Facebook by some the world’s most recognized brands and over 700 advertisers temporarily pausing their advertising on the social platform due to content associated with misinformation and hate speech, it’s no surprise that brand safety concerns have become top of mind for advertisers, not only on social media platforms but across all their advertising channels.

At, our advertisers can rest assured and feel confident in knowing that we implement robust tools and processes that enable ads to reach the most relevant audiences, without jeopardizing brand reputation. Check out the measures we currently have in place to protect brands from un-safe environments.

Page Guard and Publisher Direct Integrations offers Page Guard, a unique four-tier verification system, to advertisers as a proactive solution to block ads from appearing alongside inappropriate content. We do this through:

  • Site-level verification: We only serve ads where we can verify the URL of the page with 100% certainty
  • Page-level verification: Pages are scanned daily according to traffic priority. Our proprietary page-level contextualization technology then categorizes these pages, assessing the safety of the content.
  • Domain-level verification: When we partner with a publisher, we manually vet and approve each domain. Because we know the URL of each page on which we serve ads, we also know with 100% certainty the domain of the site.
  • Direct publisher integration: Our commitment to direct publisher relationships is what enables us to verify Page URLs. Direct publisher integrations allow us to place our tags directly on a page or alternatively, add a code to a publisher site that allows us to read the URL of each page on which our tags are placed.

 More information on Page Guard can be found here.

Impression and Click Fraud Algorithms

Built into our ad server is an additional layer of both proactive and reactive measures to prevent impression and/or click fraud.

  • Proactive rules are applied in real-time by our ad sever, and no impression will be served if those rules are matched.
  • Our ad server also reacts to activity by monitoring a number of potential warning signs across varying time periods. Any suspicious patterns result in temporary blocking and flagging.
  • Whenever fraudulent activity is identified, the relevant IP address, domain or user agent is added to a global exclude list so future impressions are not served against it.

Third Party Verification Vendors has been awarded the ‘Certified Against Fraud’ seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and has been independently audited against those standards. The seal acknowledges our rigorous anti-fraud processes for detecting and filtering invalid traffic, which comply with the industry’s MRC guidelines. We have also been accredited with the independently audited UK Brand Safety DTSG guidelines, acknowledging our brand safety practices are of a high standard.

Additionally, we work with third party vendors Integral Ad Science and Moat, both on clients campaigns analyzing and filtering fraudulent activity post-bid, as well as across our network to constantly keep our processes and publishers in check so that campaign sitelists can be managed appropriately, pre-bid.

Download a handy guide to’s brand safety measures here or contact us for more information on how we can work together on brand-safe digital ad campaigns.


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