Going for the Gold: High-Impact Video Advertising During the Olympics

VDX.tv Team

Every four years, millions tune in from around the world to watch the largest global sporting event – the Olympic Games. Back in 2016, the Rio Olympics broke records with billions of hours of streaming coverage, gaining access to 100MM unique users in the US alone. The 2020 Olympic Games, originally scheduled to occur in Tokyo last summer but delayed a year due to the pandemic, are slated to commence in July 2021. Barring postponement or cancellation, the games will likely draw a large number of viewers watching from their Connected TVs (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) devices.

While locking in an expensive upfront to broadcast ads alongside the games is not feasible for many brands, there are still ways to capitalize on the excitement around the Olympics (this year, or 2024) and ensure your brand is part of the big event. One of the most effective ways to do so is by leveraging video ad units with high-impact features that enable consumers to feel connected to the action and your brand. Get our four tips below!

1. Integrate sports & travel editorial content alongside your brand

Bring the top stories right to your audiences and align your brand with trusted sports, news and travel content. For example, with VDX formats, your video ad unit can pull in Olympics content from news and sports publishers such as The Guardian, Men’s Health, and Condé Nast Traveler.

*Fact: VDX ad formats are 40% more memorable than standard pre-roll. That’s like Michael Phelps winning an additional 11.2 medals to add to his existing 28!

2. Incorporate a Tokyo weather and time Feed 

Offer your audience the experience of feeling like they are at the events with real-time Tokyo weather and time updates. A branded canvas can accommodate additional messaging to your audience, creating a sponsorship feel.

*Fact: From 1912-1948, painters, sculptors, writers, and musicians all competed for the gold. We’d like to think they would appreciate the work our in-house creative team puts into each video ad unit!

3. Showcase a countdown clock to Olympic events

Make sure your audiences don’t miss out on their favorite event! Showcase a dynamic countdown clock to build excitement around certain competitions. This is a great way to align with popular events such as Gymnastics, Swimming and Volleyball, without the hefty price tag.

4. Use a QR code on CTV to transition users to an interactive mobile experience

Bring your CTV commercial to life by driving consumers to a mobile version of the experience that is personalized to their household’s interests, so that they can further interact with your brand.

*Fact: Speaking of televisions and mobile phones, did you know, the 2021 Tokyo Olympic medals are made up of recycled electronic devices?

With any live event, flexibility and adaptability are key for a successful advertising campaign. For more information on how high-impact VDX ad formats can help your brand become part of the action and scale messaging during the Olympic Games or other live events throughout the year, contact us here


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